Full Circle Divorce Assistance works with you directly or directly with your clients.  
       Assisting Your Clients
  • Declarations of Disclosure:  Help your clients understand the DOD process and gather and organize their disclosure documents

  • Discovery Responses:  Help your clients understand discovery demands, record their responses and gather documents.

  • Telephone Calls:  Field telephone calls from your clients concerning their questions about disclosure, discovery, court appearances and to offer general support.

  • Court Appearances;  Accompany your client to court appearances.

  • After-Hours Appointments:  Meet with your clients in the evenings or on the weekends.

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       Assisting You, the Family Law Attorney

  • Judicial Council Forms:  Using your model, prepare all Judicial Council forms, including pleadings and DODs.

  • Pleadings and MSAs:  Drafting declarations and MSAs, according to your model.

  • Declarations of Disclosure:  Organize client attachments and prepare the DODs, according to your model.

  • Discovery Responses:  Interview client with respect to discovery demands and help them gather the responsive documents, and generate a memo of responses for you.

  • Online Research on Opposing Party:  Gather and record all available electronic information regarding opposing party's social media accounts, legal matters, bankruptcies , business and real property interests.

  • I report to you:  I will inform you of any new issues raised by the client or the discovery of unknown assets.

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