Welcome to Your Pages.  Though Full Circle primarily works with small family law firms and sole practitioners to help attorneys serve their clients more effectively, I never lose sight of the most important characters in every divorce drama:  you, your spouse and your family.  I wanted to set up a page that is devoted to your concerns and questions.  I have designed several sub-pages just for you: 


  • Divorce Plain Talk blog:  A no-nonsense look at all phases of divorce, written in language that's easy to understand (no legalese).

  • Events:  Workshops, seminars, and meetings for those in divorce.

  • Resources:  My suggestions for people to contact for divorce services.  No one goes on this list unless I know them, they are ethical, and share my vision of simplifying the divorce process for the parties.

  • Great Reads:  I find articles on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In all the time that are thought provoking and helpful.

  • Divorce Buddy: Sometimes you need someone in your corner to help you understand what's going on in your case.  Find out how I can become your Divorce Buddy.


So please browse Your Pages.  Send me an email if you wish to find out more about the divorce process or if you have a suggestion for the blog.

You WILL get through this.

Kim Werner

Owner and Editor

Full Circle Divorce Assistance

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