Pop-up events are temporary, unexpected events in unique spaces. They pop up after a few hours or days of planning, and then they are gone.  I am inviting you to this very special pop-up event because I think you will find the evening valuable and enjoyable.  My events are intentionally small, cozy and relaxing.  Please read the details below.  I  am hosting the first 6 people who accept the invitation.  I ask that you accept only if you are serious about attending.  Thank you, and I hope to see you there.

Family Law Pop-Up Speakeasy Dinner

"Behind the Bench"

Wednesday May 29, 2019

6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

At the home of Hon. Susan P. Finlay (ret.)

1428 Fifth Avenue

Coronado, CA 92118

My cell: 858-282-4894


Donation - Your Favorite Bottle of Wine


Discussion led by Hon. Susan P. Finlay and H. Ronald Domnitz (both ret.)


Join me for a special evening of food, drink and an opportunity to hear Judges Finlay and Domnitz tell their stories from behind the bench.. 


When you RSVP for this invitation-only event, please include a question or two for the judges. 

I will pass them on to them for their consideration.​

Settle in and enjoy a friendly gathering of family law professionals.

Reviews for April 11 pop-up with Elizabeth Van Clief:

I wanted to thank Kim for last night and let everyone know how much I enjoyed getting to know all of you better.  It was such an enjoyable evening!

Jennifer A. Britt, CFLS*

 agree with Jennifer, even though you are a bunch of wimps for eating your cupcakes with a fork. Thank you Kim for the delicious food and the fabulous idea.  Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge.  

Barney Connaughton, Attorney and Mediator


It was great fun and I came home in a wonderful mood.  (Now, how often does that happen after a typical MCLE legal event??!!  Kim, I think you’re onto something! )  Thank you for the lovely dinner, Kim.  I fully agree, it was terrific to get to know everyone better.   Elizabeth and I were saying to each other on the drive back how nice it was to have genuine and open conversation about our lives and practices with like-minded people. 

Thank you everyone! I had a super fun time with excellent company. Thank you especially to Kim.

Elizabeth Van Clief

Certified Tax Law Specialist


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