Designed with the solo and small firm owner in mind, Full Circle Divorce Assistance will give you, the family law attorney, more of the most valuable asset in your industry:  TIME

  1. Time to grow your practice

  2. Time to increase your network

  3. Time to devote to the practice of law

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THE CONCEPT:  When your clients need you for matters that do not require your attorney skills, Full Circle Divorce Assistance will step in and give them the time and attention they deserve and need.  Full Circle offers support in the form of answering procedural questions, meeting with your clients and assisting them with gathering documents for their Declarations of Disclosure and discovery responses, preparation of forms, and proofreading and editing pleadings. 


ABOUT US:  Kim Werner, paralegal and owner of Full Circle, has helped hundreds of people through their divorces through consultations and divorce workshops. She has years of experience in the family law arena and is committed to helping clients through the process by providing information and support so they may make informed decisions in their divorce.  She is uniquely qualified to team with you, the family law attorney, to ensure your clients' questions are answered and they have a full understanding of the divorce process as they work toward a resolution of their matter.


Kim Werner, Owner 

Full Circle Divorce Assistance


Family Law Pop-Up Speakeasy

(invitation only)

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place, my Pop-Up Speakeasy events are temporarily on hiatus. I hope to restart them in 2021. 

Everyone stay safe and healthy. We will see you (in person) nest year.